New Data: Long COVID Is Most Prevalent in This Age Group

Long COVID is hitting one population the hardest—and it's not the demographic you might guess, according to a national report. The post New Data: Long COVID Is Most Prevalent in This Age Group appeared first on The Healthy.

We Don't Get Healthier As We Age - Plan Your Health Care Before Retirement

Health care costs will consume a significant portion of your retirement nest egg.

20 Foods That Can Help Prevent Clogged Arteries

You're never too young to start eating for your heart. Science suggests these foods could help prevent clogged arteries. The post 20 Foods That Can Help Prevent Clogged Arteries appeared first on The Healthy.

Vaccines for Adults: Which Do You Really Need?

Find out how to stay on top of the recommended vaccines for adults

11 Effective Strategies to Maintain Mental Health and Sharpness

To optimize brain function and stay sharp, engaging in regular brain exercises is paramount. Here are ten exercises you can do at home designed to challenge and stimulate your mind, fostering cognitive sharpness and supporting a vibrant intellectual life. Remember, it’s crucial to take care of every part of our body with exercise, and that means even your brain.

Are Naps Good for You? 4 Major Health Benefits of Napping from a Neurologist

Are naps healthy? According to a sleep specialist, it depends on a few factors. Experts weigh in on how to know if you need to take a nap, and what benefits you can expect from your siesta. The post Are Naps Good for You? 4 Major Health Benefits of Napping from a Neurologist appeared first on The Healthy.

These US states report surge in respiratory illnesses as flu from China continues to spread

American hospitals are seeing an unexpected rise in patients with respiratory infections.

US city raises alarm over leap in hospital cases as world fears Chinese illness spike

Hospitals in Washington DC are on high alert after a spike in a mysterious respiratory illness, as scientists fear the outbreak from China is spreading

'80s supermodel Carol Alt on aging, how not to 'break down like an old car'

Carol Alt told Fox News Digital that mental and physically health are equally as important so you don't "break down like an old car."

Start 2024 Strong: 4 Proven Wellness Tips for a Happier and Healthier You

With 2023 in the rearview, it’s time to think ahead to the New Year. Everything you want to achieve in 2024 is possible

Orange is a citrus powerhouse for skin, heart, and immune health

Although oranges are not naturally prevalent in our climate and only available in stores, they are popular year-round nonetheless. Many people enjoy the refreshing taste of orange juice in the summer, while in winter, citrus fruits become a fantastic addition to teas and other warming beverages. Besides their delicious taste, oranges are famously k...

10 Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Live a Long Life

To increase your chances of a long life, this video advises stopping unhealthy habits like smoking, lack of exercise, poor diet, and chronic stress. It provides tips for embracing healthy practices to potentially reach 100, such as regular exercise, nutritious foods, quality time with loved ones, and activities that reduce anxiety.

The Importance of Replacing a Missing Front Tooth for Oral Health

Have you ever lost a front tooth and wondered if it’s essential to replace it? This article is just for you. Understand the significance of a missing front tooth and how it affects your oral health. We’re not just focusing on the aesthetic aspect; the impacts go way beyond that. In the next few minutes, you’ll learn why neglecting a missing front t...

15 Healthy Foods Women Should Add to Their Diet

Sometimes eating healthy in general isn't enough. However, these foods have proven to improve women's health quite a bit, so maybe it's time to add them in the mix.

20 Common Foods Linked to Chronic Diseases

You’ve heard that you are what you eat, and it’s not far off base. Our diet is a key player in our long-term health, with these 20 foods playing a big role in the onset of chronic diseases.

10 Useful Tips for Staying Healthy When Traveling This Holiday Season

Take notes!

Climate change is the biggest human health risk, says Africa's disease boss

By Jennifer Rigby LONDON (Reuters) - Climate change is the biggest threat to human health in Africa and the rest of the world, the head of the continent's public health agency said. Mitigating that risk was top of his agenda, Jean Kaseya, the director general of the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), told Reuters as he headed to the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, which

Advice From Harvard Health Publishing And 3 More Doctors: What Happens If Down Syndrome Remain Untreated?

Answered by Dr. Howard E. Lewine M.D. Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing · 40 years of experience · USA Down syndrome is a disorder caused by a problem with the chromosomes — the pieces of DNA that have the blueprint for the human body. Normally a person has two copies of each chromosome, but a person with Down syndrome has three copie...

18 Medical Conditions That Can Cause Weight Gain

Unexplained weight gain can be frustrating and discouraging. While lifestyle factors like diet and exercise play a significant role in weight management, several medical conditions can also contribute to weight gain. Understanding these underlying causes is crucial for effective weight management strategies. Here are 18 medical conditions that can cause weight gain:

Research Suggests a High Fiber Diet Comes With Myriad of Health Benefits

A recent review of studies on high-fiber diets found links to lower risk for major health problems like obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Fiber provides fuel for gut microbes that influence health, but most Americans fall short of daily fiber recommendations. Plant-based foods like whole grains, beans, seeds and vegetables are the best fiber sources.

How to counteract the dangerous effects of prolonged sitting

It's hard to believe that something as simple and effortless as sitting can be dangerous to your health, but then again all good things must be enjoyed in moderation—and moderation is certainly not the order of today. With increasing numbers of people working desk jobs from home or attending school online, the amount of time spent sitting also increases. We all know a sedentary lifestyle is bad, but did you know that sitting for extensive amounts of time actually leads to various chronic illnesses and a shorter life expectancy? Even worse, you could be exercising seven or eight hours a week but still suffer the same effects if you're sitting for long periods! But don't worry: there are various simple, quick, and versatile stretches and techniques you can implement into your daily schedule that can help counteract the detrimental effects of prolonged sitting. Click through to learn more about why it's important, and what you can start doing today.

Researchers have revealed how your body might be affecting your mind

Eight lifestyle choices identified that can reduce cancer risk by 30%

A new study has identified eight key lifestyle choices that can reduce the risk of certain cancers by up to 30 percent

The Surprising Health Benefits of Cherries—and the Best Ones to Eat

Stock up on these fruits this summer.

Stay Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

As colder weather sets in and we return from holiday travel and gatherings to the office with colleagues, we also face the annual cold and flu season. To get us through this time of year, here are some effective ways to stay healthy and ready ourselves for the challenges of the cold and flu season. Do not underestimate the importance of hydration, rest, a full night's sleep, and reducing stress. Eat foods high in quercetin, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, like blueberries, citrus fruits, apples, broccoli, and raw onion. Get enough zinc to decrease the risk of developing viral infections. About 15% of the population has a zinc deficiency, increasing the risk of developing viral infections. Foods high in zinc include meat, shellfish, and legumes like chickpeas, lentils, and beans. If you feel yourself coming down with a cold, look for products with naturally occurring ingredients like manuka honey, and take zinc-based products as soon as symptoms appear. Consider homeopathic remedies like Zicam RapidMelts and Medicated Fruit Drops , which leverage zinc to help shorten colds. For a zinc-free alternative, explore Zicam Nasal Swabs , utilizing a plant-based homeopathic formula to reduce the duration of the common cold. Keeping allergies at bay is also important, as uncontrolled allergies trigger increased mucus production, fostering an environment ripe for viral and bacterial growth. Zicam's No-Drip Liquid Nasal Spray , a non-drowsy formulation, provides relief of allergy symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and sinus pressure. Check out zicam.com for more information.

7 Healthy Teas and Their Amazing Health Benefits

Although tea is a comforting hot beverage that can bring you a nice bit of warmth on a cool evening, it can also have a number of amazing health benefits. With so many varieties of tea out there, each offering unique flavours, aromas, and health benefits, there’s a lot to try and explore. The best […]

The diseases making a comeback post-pandemic

While the world was preoccupied in 2020 and 2021 with COVID-19, many other infectious diseases took a back seat. With person-to-person contact severely restricted, the opportunity to pass on an infection was reduced, and there was (thankfully) no major outbreak other than COVID-19 that shook the global health system. But 2022, by contrast, was peppered with the outbreak of new diseases, such as mpox (previously known as monkeypox), as well as the resurgence of diseases such a measles and polio in places where we thought they were confined to the past. Worried? Check out this gallery for the full story on the significant diseases that made their comeback (or debut) in 2022.

Vigorous Exercise May Lower Risk of Dying From Alzheimer's—Study

The amount of exercise required to see positive effects is surprisingly manageable and could reduce your risk by more than 30 percent.

New Study: Eating More of This Superfood May Prevent Lung Disease

This nutrient has been celebrated for its heart and brain benefits. New NIH-funded research suggests they're surfacing as lung health champions, too. The post New Study: Eating More of This Superfood May Prevent Lung Disease appeared first on The Healthy.

Why Nutritionists Love Peppermint. See Health Benefits

This article examines the potential benefits of peppermint, including its potential to alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, its decongestant properties, and its antioxidant capacity. It also explores its potential to treat stomach disorders, cough and bronchitis, headaches and migraines, and other ailments. The article provides information on the side effects of peppermint and tips from health experts.

Genetic ‘treasure trove’ will help scientists spot cancer signs

UK Biobank has unveiled new data that provides “the most detailed picture of human health that exists”, scientists have said. The data from whole genome sequencing of half-a-million people equips researchers with the “ultimate toolbox” to make new discoveries about disease development possible. Whole genome sequencing analyses the entire human geno...

InnovationRx: The 30 Under 30 Healthcare List

InnovationRx is your weekly digest of healthcare news. Sign up!

Uncovering the Health Benefits of Eating Clove: Serving Size Guidelines and More, Curated by Nutrition Professionals

This article provides perspectives from two experts on the health benefits and quantity recommendations of consuming clove. Faith Seke and Luciana M. Cherubin discuss the antioxidant properties of clove and how it can reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Additionally, the experts explain how clove can help with relieving stomach irritations, toothache, and throat pain. Finally, the article provides links to further...

A psychologist's guide to prioritising your mental health

According to research by Kalms Herbal Remedies, nearly half of the adult population in the U.K. (46%) don't prioritise their mental wellbeing. Dr Charlotte Armitage, a psychologist and psychotherapist, has shared five tips to help you make your mental health a priority.

Depression in Adults is on the Rise: 10 Ways to Prevent It

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s no surprise that depression rates are on the rise. With increased stress, societal pressure, and constant exposure to social media, more and more adults are finding themselves struggling with this mental illness. According to a recent study by the National Institute of Mental Health, approximately 7.2% of adults in the United States have experienced at least one major depressive episode in their lifetime. The consequences of depression can be devastating and affect all aspects of a person’s life – from their work productivity to relationships with loved ones. It’s crucial to take preventive measures to avoid falling into a state of depression. Here are 10 ways you can protect yourself and maintain good mental health.

Exercise may help treat and even prevent postpartum depression. Researchers recommend this weekly routine

Both group exercise classes and exercise led by an instructor or trainer appear to provide even greater benefits.

The Best Foods For Improving Bladder Health

One way to help soothe a sensitive bladder is to eat certain kinds of healthy foods, while avoiding the harmful ones.

7 Ways Coconut Oil Can Benefit Your Hair

From the best beauty buys recommended by our insiders—who'll tell you exactly what's worth investing your precious money in, to expert advice on how to look after your body and mind, we bring you the latest so you can live life on your terms. We want to empower young women to make the most out of life, providing trusted, informed advice and debate—without judgement.

No link between internet use and poor mental health, according to Oxford boffins

'We looked very hard for a smoking gun linking technology and well-being and we didn't find it' Increased use of the internet has not had a notably negative effect on mental health, according to a study combining data from millions of people across 168 countries.… The study, titled "Global Well-Being and Mental Health in the Internet Age," examined material from prior research conducted between 2005 and 2022 that considered the mental well-being...

Women share 10 eye-opening self-care advice for the younger generation to follow

14 Fitness Tracker Features That Improve Your Health

Keeping track of your goals is a major way you stay fit. Here are the ways that fitness trackers can help.

5 Worst Foods for Your Immune System, Say Experts

Research says these treats can dampen your body's defenses at the exact time of year you need your immunity to be fiercest. Avoid the worst foods for your immune system this season.

What are the common symptoms of a hormone imbalance?

Imbalanced hormones can cause a number of symptoms, such as fatigue, stress and mood swings. In an excerpt from her book, It's Not You, It's Your Hormones - The Essential Guide for Women Over 40 to Fight Fat, Fatigue and Hormone Havoc, expert Nicki Williams reveals some of the most common symptoms.

11 Things People Who Live to 100 Have in Common

While the secret to eternal youth remains a mystery, the common characteristics of super seniors from around the world just might offer everyone some clues for living longer and stronger. The post 11 Things People Who Live to 100 Have in Common appeared first on The Healthy.

Tips for women's health to follow this year

If you are a woman, you are probably aware of the fact that women's health is different from men's health.

Banish the Blues: 10 Self-Love Habits for a Happier, Healthier You

In the quest for a healthier and happier life, the right habits can make all the difference. This year, an engaging online discussion brought together men and women who shared a common goal: self-improvement through self-love. In this vibrant exchange, participants uncovered ten key habits that pave the way to a more fulfilled and contented self. If you’re on the lookout for meaningful ways to enhance your well-being, you’re in the right place. Let’s explore these transformative habits and see how they can lead to a happier, healthier you.

What To Say When Someone Is Sick, According to Experts

"Hugs, drugs, or (hot chocolate) mugs! What do you need most right now?" Being sick can feel lonely and scary. Here are expert scripts for what to say when a loved one is feeling ill. The post What To Say When Someone Is Sick, According to Experts appeared first on The Healthy.

People Who Followed COVID Recommendations More Likely To Have Mental Health Issues Now

More than three years after the first lockdowns, the mental health of many continues to suffer

Pumpkin Seed: Health Tips From Nutrition Professionals

Tips to Help Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Read on to learn how to get a grip on your anxiety and stress.