Polish resident Maciej Ruzik recently unearthed a centuries-old Dutch gold coin on the site of the oldest Dominican monastery along the southern coast of the Baltic Sea in northern Poland.

The golden ducat from the Netherlands, dating back to 1777, was found using a metal detector during a search conducted by the St. Cordula Exploration Association.

"We were searching the ground with detectors and at one point an intense signal appeared. We are very emotional about finding it because it is a great discovery." - Maciej Ruzik, Exploration Association member

The ducat, measuring 21.5 mm in diameter and 0.5 mm in thickness, is an exceptionally well-preserved piece with intricate detail. On one side, a knight stands with a raised sword and a burst of arrows.

The reverse of the coin features inscriptions interpreted by Kurka, including “MO:ORD:” suggesting “Monet Ordinum” (issued by a specific association), “PROVIN.” (abbreviation for “Provinciae” meaning province), “FOEDER/BELG” possibly indicating “Foederati Belgicae” or “Belgium” symbolizing the union of Belgium, and “AD LEG IMP” meaning “Ad Leges Imperii” indicating accordance with the laws of the empire.

The Museum of the History of the Kamień Land plans to recognize this significant discovery by submitting a request to the Provincial Conservator of Monuments in Szczecin, Poland, proposing an award for the exploration team.

"We can say that this coin is unique, the first copy of this type. It comes from the Netherlands, today's territory of the Netherlands. We do not know how it came to us." - Grzegorz Kurka, Director of the Museum of the History of the Kamień Land

It was noted that during the November uprising in 1830-1831, a similar coin with a small Polish Eagle was issued by the Kingdom of Poland, imitating the Dutch design to facilitate purchases in Western Europe. This golden ducat holds significant historical value.

This discovery echoes a previous find in 2014 when a gold coin of Frederick William II from 1794 was discovered in the same area. The Museum of the Kamień Land now boasts a growing collection of historical coins, showing the rich history of the region.

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