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Achieve financial wellness: Be happier, wealthier and more financially secure

Most of us aren't taught how to manage our money well. CNBC Make It's online course Achieve Financial Wellness: Be Happier, Wealthier & More Financially Secure is here to change that.

Stiff person syndrome patients share what it’s like to live with the rare disease

Two people who are living with stiff person syndrome — a rare neurological disorder that causes muscle rigidity and spasms — shared with Fox News Digital what their experience has been like.

These millions of Americans are more likely to live in poverty, be unemployed and have no family support

Quinn Merriss, an 18-year-old who identifies as transgender and non-binary, barely makes ends meet.

Experts Say These Are The 5 Worst Foods For Your Cholesterol

Experts say certain foods can impact your cholesterol levels, putting you at risk for adverse events. View Entire Post ›

Can I collect my dead spouse’s Social Security and my own at the same time? Here are 5 secrets of ‘survivors benefits’ you need to know

Double dipping on benefits?

New technology can detect kidney diseases earlier than standard methods

Using an advanced scanner, researchers from Aarhus University, among others, have developed a technology that can detect the earliest changes in the kidney when scar tissue begins to form. Their study is published in the journal Investigative Radiology.

What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Fish Regularly

Whether you love salmon, tuna or cod, eating the recommended two fish meals per week can offer some impressive health benefits.

Nearly 50% of American retirees underestimated their healthcare costs — and how far Medicare would stretch. 3 simple ways to protect yourself

For many, the sobering realities don’t hit home until retirement begins.

The worst paper for paper cuts is revealed – and it can even slice through chicken

Walk this way—it's quite good for you

Walking is sometimes equated with simplicity itself. If your task is a "walk in the park," it might require little more than baby steps to get things moving.

Can I Protect My Parents' Assets From Nursing Homes?

Long-term care for seniors is one of the biggest gaps in America's safety net. For many of us, as we get older we will require longer and better care. In some cases, this can mean a health aide or other … Continue reading → The post How to Protect Your Parents' Assets From Nursing Homes appeared first on SmartAsset Blog.

Some moms are microdosing on mushrooms, touting the benefits – but risks exist, say doctors

Thousands of mothers are taking microdoses of psychedelic or “magic" mushrooms — officially called psilocybin — to ease their stress and anxiety. Experts weigh in on potential benefits and risks.

Sleep therapist reveals 5 key ways to get a better night's rest

Follow this advice for no more sub-par slumbers.

10 Iron-Rich Foods You Need to Add to Your Diet

Chocolate included!

13 tips for sleeping better with sciatica

If you’ve ever had sciatica, it’s not the type of pain that you’re likely to forget in a hurry. “Pain is not always an accurate marker for the degree of injury, but nerve pain can be particularly unpleasant; sciatica has been described as like having toothache in your bottom,” says Aidan Spencer, an osteopath who frequently treats patients with the...

Is It Better to Take Social Security at 62 or 67? The Answer Is Simpler Than You Might Think.

Here's how to decide on the best age to file for benefits.

I Lost Weight and Restored My Health by Taking Baby Steps

I was devastated by my weight and health. I was a marathon runner before. At my heaviest, walking up stairs was challenging.

Scientist puts facts to long-standing belief about trees and human health: 'We have a strong signal'

"What I thought was we really don’t know if trees are beneficial for health." Scientist puts facts to long-standing belief about trees and human health: 'We have a strong signal' first appeared on The Cool Down.

Which Is Better For Diabetics: Boiled Or Steamed Potatoes? A Review By Nutrition Professionals

It's healthy to eat eggs for breakfast every day if you follow these 2 rules, dietitians say

Eggs are a great source of protein, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. And these are the healthiest ways to eat eggs for breakfast, dietitians say.

Chiweenie: Dog Breed Characteristics and Care

History, Care Tips, and Helpful Information for Pet Owners

‘As bad as Covid’: Texas doctor on combination of heat wave power outages

CNN speaks with emergency medicine physician Dr. Owais Durrani about the combination of a heat wave and power outages facing Texas.

‘Moving in with my family made me healthy and happy – I’m not surprised it helps people live to 100’

Ever thought about moving in with the grandparents, or having them come to live with you? If so, you are part of a worldwide trend. In the UK 1.8 million households have multiple generations living together under one roof, says one study – an increase of 38 per cent in just 10 years. Interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen was recently singing th...

Why Samsung's Sleep Apnea Feature Might Be a Big Deal

Samsung sets itself apart from other smartwatch companies as the first to offer a feature that may detect the potentially dangerous sleep disorder.

Dietitians Reveal the 3 Types of Foods You Should Avoid While on Semaglutide To Speed Weight Loss

Scaling back on certain fare also curbs the risk of side effects like GI upset, nausea and vomiting

How Bad Is It Really to Wear Flip-Flops Every Day?

Find out if flip-flops are bad for your feet and who should never wear these shoes. Plus, see the supportive sandals a podiatrist recommends wearing instead.

9 Reasons You Need Strength Training in Your Life

It's one of the best things you can do for your health. Here's why.

16 Good Habits That Will Improve Every Aspect of Your Life

Learn how to adopt smarter strategies to develop good habits, and you'll have a lifetime of peaceful, productive days ahead The post 16 Good Habits That Will Improve Every Aspect of Your Life appeared first on Reader's Digest.

The Longest Living People In the World All Abide by the ‘Power 9’ Rule

Here's how to structure your days, so that you're setting yourself up for a long and healthy life.

Cocoa Butter Is Your Key to Soft, Supple Skin

If baby-soft skin is what you're after, consider adding cocoa butter to your body-care routine.

Is Sparkling Water Good or Bad for Your Health?

Medically reviewed by Elizabeth Barnes, RDN Medically reviewed by Elizabeth Barnes, RDN Sparkling or carbonated water is water infused with carbon dioxide gas to create a bubbly sensation. Its popularity comes from its refreshing taste and lack of calories, making it a healthier alternative to sugary sodas. However, there are some concerns about it...

Longest-Living Animals That Make Great Pets

Dogs are amazing, but the longest-living pets stick around for up to 10 times as long.

Study Raises Alarms About 280,000 Seniors Losing Health Care

Around 280,000 Americans find themselves at risk after losing Medicaid because they must earn Medicare once they turn 65.

Protein — How Much Do We Actually Need?

While protein is a very important nutrient for a healthy diet, how much of it do we really need?

What is beer bathing – the latest wellness trend?

Beer bathing is the latest trend taking over the wellness space – but what is it and are there any benefits? The UK's first beer spa opened its doors this month in the boutique hotel, The Norfolk Mead. "Derived from European traditions, this spa treatment incorporates the therapeutic benefits of Malt, Hops, and minerals salts, creating a one-of-a-k...

How to Avoid Heat Exhaustion, Crowd Crushes, and Overall Bad Vibes at Big Summer Shows

It starts with preparing your body—and knowing how to act once you’re through the gates.

Being Grateful For Life Linked To Increased Life Expectancy.

Having an attitude of gratitude for the good things in life may help older people live longer, according to a new Harvard study. The study used medical records and self-reported questionnaires from 49,275 older US female registered nurses. Researchers found that those with the highest level of gratitude, compared to those with the lowest level, had 9% less risk of death from any cause. People with the highest level of gratitude also had 15% less risk of death by cardiovascular disease. “Most of the longevity benefit demonstrated in the study seems to be in prevention of death from cardiovascular conditions, which we already know to be related to chronic stress, loneliness and other psychosocial and socioeconomic factors” said Dr. Katie Drake, Geriatrician. Researchers concluded that having a more positive and grateful outlook on life has huge benefits that we cannot ignore.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Cherries—and the Best Ones to Eat

Stock up on these fruits this summer.

How to Begin an Exercise Routine as a Part of Your Obesity Treatment Plan

Fact checked by Nick BlackmerFact checked by Nick Blackmer Exercise and regular movement are essential for overall health and are an important factor in weight loss—though not the only factor. Obesity is a complex disease that increases the risk of additional diseases, like cancer, heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. However, participating ...

The father of aerobics still works out five days a week at age 92. Here are his expert tips

Dr. Kenneth Cooper pioneered the concept of aerobics in the 1960s. Still hard at work encouraging fitness, the expert shares thoughts on health in the 21st century.

Health insurance | Making it consumer friendly

The new master circular on health insurance by the regulator repeals past circulars and is a step towards making insurance transparent and consumer friendly

Older weight loss drugs are in demand. But are they safe or effective? And should you take them?

With Ozempic-type weight loss drugs in short supply, more people are turning to old-school weight loss drugs such as Qsymia and Contrave, which come in pill form but also include serious warning labels.

Kentucky woman chooses to file for bankruptcy to save home after husband's death triggered freeze on mortgage payments — as home foreclosures surge across the country

Nearly 360,000 foreclosure filings were reported last year — up 10% from 2022.

Biohacking 101: Simple Ways to Boost Your Body and Mind

Ever feel like you could use a software update but for your body and mind? Biohacking might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s really about making small, smart tweaks to improve your physical and mental performance. Ready to hack your way to a better you? 1. Start With Your Sleep Quality...

How Many Calories Do I Need to Burn to Lose Weight? We Asked the Experts

We found out the number you need to burn to shed some pounds.

1 in 5 U.S. children have high BMI; panel suggests doctors intervene

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force made the recommendation for children at or above the 95th percentile on weight for their age and gender.

AI-Driven Behavior Change Could Transform Health Care

Making healthier choices is hard. But it’s also something that AI is uniquely positioned to solve, write Sam Altman and Arianna Huffington.

What Causes An Impacted Bowel?

Medically reviewed by Jay N. Yepuri, MD Medically reviewed by Jay N. Yepuri, MD An impacted bowel, also known as fecal impaction, is a large, hard mass of stool that gets stuck in the rectum (the lowest part of the colon, or large intestine). It prevents you from having a bowel movement. An impacted bowel is typically triggered by a long bout of co...

Nasal spray could ‘wash’ brain clean of Alzheimer’s disease proteins

Millions of people around the world have the disease.

I Thought I'd Overcome My Eating Disorder. 30 Years Later, I Found Myself In Its Thrall Again.

"I wish I could say that I hated the return to a problem I thought I’d left behind 30 years earlier. But I didn’t hate it. I loved it."