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Likely named after the circumstances under which they're found in Moonstone Island, the Moonstone is one of the most important materials in the game, and you'll be needing several of them. They can be turned into Moonstone Ingots, and those ingots are key to crafting many of the magic and Spirit-related items and structures in the game.

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Moonstones are rare, though, and you can't just mine them from rocks like Copper or Iron Ore. For these key resources, you'll have to literally search for them by moonlight as you travel across the fragmented world. In this guide, we'll show you just how to find them.

How To Find Moonstones

If you want Moonstones, you'll first need to wait for nighttime, specifically between the hours of six pm and two am. This is the only time that Moonstones will appear.

During that time, Moonstones will begin to appear in glowing patches of grass on any island, including Moonstone Island. Rarely, you might also find them on top of a stone as well, and you'll need to break the stone with your Hammer to free it.

You also have a chance to receive Moonstones when opening treasure chests you find within random mines, ones within dungeons, or those you find via treasure maps.

Cutting down trees while waiting for night on an island can help you better see the grass locate them later, and pass the time.

Only one Moonstone can appear per island, so if you want more of them, you'll have to fly out onto further islands using a Balloon or a Broom to continue finding more. On larger islands, this means you may have to cover a significant amount of ground in order to find its Moonstone.

Moonstone Island is unique because it will provide you with three Moonstones total, enough to craft one Moonstone Ingot and get you started on several key recipes.

Any island's Moonstone will also refresh with each season, giving you a chance to regain any you've already picked up.

How To Obtain The Moonstone Detector

While the game doesn't provide a list of islands and whether you've already obtained their Moonstone, there is a way to help you figure out if an Island still has one or not, the Moonstone Detector.

To get the Moonstone Detector, you must complete the quest Spirit Research: Advanced Spiritology.

After completing Spirit Research: Taming Spirits 101, you'll unlock additional quests from Zed by submitting research to him.

In many of the quests you do there are tasks related to Spirits, such as hatching a Spirit egg or taming a specific element Spirit.

Submit enough research to Zed, and he'll give you the quest Spirit Research: Advanced Spiritology, which asks you to tame a Psychic type Spirit.

Psychic spirits can be found at night on Islands with special, meteor-like storms at night.

Tame one, return to Zed and submit the research, and after one in-game day has passed, he'll send you a letter with his results and the Moonstone Detector.

How To Use The Moonstone Detector

Once you acquire the Moonstone Detector, it's automatically and permanently added to your UI and appears as a new ring between the level meter and your mini-map.

If you're on an Island that still has a Moonstone, and you're within range of it, the ring will light up blue.

On large Islands, the light will disappear if you move out of range of the Moonstones.

On smaller islands, the detector generally stays lit the entire time due to its radius and only turns off if you pick up the Moonstone.

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