Fast Constipation Relief: Tips and Home Remedies

Medically reviewed by Robert Burakoff, MD Medically reviewed by Robert Burakoff, MD Constipation can be very uncomfortable and even painful, and you may be searching for quick relief. Constipation is when you have less frequent bowel movements or those that are difficult to pass. It has many causes, including diet, lifestyle, medication side effect...

7 Medication Types That Could Make You Gain Weight, Plus 5 That Can Help You Lose It

Curious to know if your medication could be affecting your weight? Here’s a look at how 12 types of medicine might impact your goals.

14 Fitness Tracker Features That Improve Your Health

Keeping track of your goals is a major way you stay fit. Here are the ways that fitness trackers can help.

Edibles vs Flower: Which Should You Choose?

Americans spent a lot of money on marijuana! It’s no wonder people want to learn all they can about growing weed as well as legal and safe ways to consume it. Wondering if you should choose edibles or flower to get high? We’re here to help you decide. Read on to learn more about the benefits […] The post Edibles vs Flower: Which Should You Choose? appeared first on Counting My Pennies.

TikTok Claims Sunscreen Is Bad for You, but Here’s What Doctors Have to Say

Social media is packed with buzz around this topic.

Is your gym overflowing? A new study shows gym use is nearly double pre-pandemic levels and Gen Z is driving the trend

The fitness industry has also more than rebounded since 2020.

10 Foods That Fight Inflammation and Promote Weight Loss (Plus One Food to Avoid)

Losing weight and reducing inflammation go hand in hand. Find out which foods RDs recommend adding to your diet to achieve both.

I've been walking 10,000 steps a day for a year – here are five unexpected benefits I've experienced

I tried walking 10,000 steps every day for a year, but was it worth it?

10 Iron-Rich Foods You Need to Add to Your Diet

Chocolate included!

COVID-19 wiped out a decade of life expectancy gains, WHO says

COVID-19, obesity, and malnutrition combined to lower global life expectancies, erasing a decade of gains, the World Health Organization said. (Scripps News)

Mental Health: Overcome The Stigma And Seek Help

Overcome the stigma Mental health refers to an individual’s emotional and psychological well-being. It affects how we think, act, and feel. It helps us handle stress, relate to others, and […]

Animals Self-Medicate With Plants − Behavior People Have Observed And Emulated For Millennia

The term zoopharmacognosy – "animal medicine knowledge" – was invented in 1987.

Health Benefits of Rhubarb

Medically reviewed by Simone Harounian, MS Medically reviewed by Simone Harounian, MS Rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum) is a perennial plant part of the buckwheat family. The plant has long, fleshy stalks in bright pink and red hues and large, dark green leaves. Rhubarb stalks are edible and have a tart, acidic flavor that pairs well with sweet foods, su...

What Does It Mean to Have a Disability?

Medically reviewed by Amelia MacIntyre, DO Medically reviewed by Amelia MacIntyre, DO A disability is any condition or impairment that makes certain activities more challenging. An impairment refers to a significant difference in your body structure or ability to function. Impairments may also be related to cognitive (brain-related) and emotional f...

Koi Betta Fish: Discover Our Complete Care Guide

Part of the fun of owning a betta fish is watching its colors dance across your tank. If you opt for a koi betta fish, the spectacle will be even better. These fish have a vibrant marbled coloration that’s prized by aquarists. Read this care guide to learn how to keep your koi betta fish happy and healthy. Koi Betta Fish Overview Despite their dual...

Prediction: These Retirement Savings Tips Will Help Make You Richer

Although it might take awhile to build a decent nest egg, the process doesn't have to be painful or difficult.

Do You Need More Sunscreen When It's Hot Outside?

Here's what dermatologists say.

I Did a 25 Day Water Fast. I Lost 20lbs and My Skin Cleared Up

This fast was completely transformational for me.

Sleep experts say brushing your teeth right before bed is a common nighttime routine mistake — here's why

If you want to create the ultimate nighttime routine, avoid doing these things right before bed, say sleep experts.

The 6 Best High Frequency Skincare Wands to Add to Your Routine

A few (painless!) zaps can leave your skin clearer and firmer

20 High-Protein Breakfasts That Actually Keep You Full

Eggs aren't your only option.

What is the best sunscreen? Experts spill on mineral vs. chemical, SPF, and more

Sunscreen is an essential part of protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, but not all formulas are created equal. Look for this on the label.

I quit sugar for 6 months and this is what it did to my face and body

Cutting out sugar from her diet for six months wasn't easy, but for one writer, it was definitely worth it.

World record set by runner with cystic fibrosis

Sophie Holmes says hopes her achievement will inspire other people living with the condition.

America's doctors need more obesity medicine training

The relatively small number of health care providers trained in obesity care can hardly keep up with Americans' demand for new weight-loss drugs. Why it matters: Tens of thousands of U.S. patients each week are starting on treatments like Novo Nordisk's Ozempic and Wegovy, but obesity medicine specialists worry there are still too few providers with enough specialized training to help patients who likely have to remain on the drugs long term....

Statins associated with decreased risk for cardiovascular disease and death, even in very old adults

A study of adults aged 60 years and older found that the use of statin therapy as primary cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention was effective for preventing CVD and all-cause mortality, even in adults aged 85 years and older. The study is published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Human ‘challenge trials’ entail risk but they could be our best protection against the next pandemic

Fifty years ago this month, as the seasonal smallpox epidemic raged to a peak in India, nobody knew it would be the last. Over the course of the outbreak, close to 200,000 smallpox infections were recorded, and more than 30,000 deaths. Remarkably though, in May 1975 the last ever smallpox case in India was diagnosed. And in just three years, smallp...

Bloated? Gastroenterologists share how to relieve symptoms

Bloating happens to everyone. Experts share some of the best ways to relieve unpleasant digestive symptoms and avoid bloating.

Health Benefits of Purslane

Medically reviewed by Roxana Ehsani, RD Medically reviewed by Roxana Ehsani, RD Purslane, scientifically known as Portulaca oleracea, is an edible weed found in crops and lawns in the United States. It's also very popular and widely available as a potherb in the Mediterranean region as well as in Europe and Asia. Rich in several important vitamins ...

10 most health-beneficial fruits to include in your diet

Most fruits are definitely a tasty and healthy snack for everyone. But if you're looking for the utmost nutritional benefits, you might be curious about the healthiest fruits to include in your diet. Here's a list of the most health-beneficial fruits you can make a salad with, add to oatmeal, or top pancakes, according to Prevention. Apples With sk...

Huge Meta-Analysis Shows This Ancient Diet Is Full of Health Benefits

The new review found both vegetarians and vegans have better metabolic health and are less likely to develop certain types of cancer and heart disease.

Why Florida’s Retirees Are Fleeing — And Where They’re Going Instead

Once considered the ideal place to live out one's golden years, Florida is quickly losing favor with retirement-aged folks. Remote workers and the wealthy are flocking to the state and driving up home...

Everything to Know About Glycerin, According to Experts

It'll soften and moisturize your skin instantly.

Health Benefits of Rock Climbing and How to Get Started

Medically reviewed by Barbie Cervoni, RD Medically reviewed by Barbie Cervoni, RD Rock climbing is a sport that involves climbing artificial rock walls in indoor climbing gyms or natural rock formations outdoors in parks, forests, and other natural areas. Rock climbing has grown in popularity in recent years, especially since becoming an Olympic sp...

Fish oil supplements may raise risk of stroke, heart issues, study suggests

Supplements of fish oil may raise the risk of stroke and a form of heart disease called atrial fibrillation, a new study revealed.

15 Telltale Signs You're in a Codependent Relationship

Some codependent behavior may be well-meaning, but it can be harmful.

Scientists develop mutant rice capable of resisting common crop disease — here's why it's so important

This is not only a significant scientific milestone but also a potential economic and social boon. Scientists develop mutant rice capable of resisting common crop disease — here's why it's so important first appeared on The Cool Down.

17 Ways Your Health May Decline in Your 60s (and How to Deal With It)

With age, unfortunately, come changes to your health, many of which are sadly negative. As you enter your 60s, it’s important to be aware of what steps you can take to manage these changes. From skin issues to heart disease, this article covers 17 ways your health could decline and how to address these problems.

How to Retire in Portugal

Portugal provides beaches, golf courses and a European lifestyle to retirees on a budget.

Ibuprofen Dosage: A Guide on How Much to Take

Medically reviewed by Lindsay Cook, PharmD Medically reviewed by Lindsay Cook, PharmD Ibuprofen, also known as Advil or Motrin, is among the first-line drugs of choice to reduce pain and fever. It belongs to the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) class. Ibuprofen can be used to treat pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, dysmeno...

Five basic habits may hold the key to good mental health

Professor Nick Titov's professional goal is to make himself redundant. As a Professor of Psychology at Macquarie University and Director of the University's digital mental health service, MindSpot, he wants to empower more people with mild to moderate anxiety and depression to understand what they can do each day to care for their mental health.

The End of Polio Is in Sight. What Have We Learned?

The fight to eradicate polio has been long and difficult. It’s been nearly 50 years since vaccines eliminated the disease in the United States. But polio continues to this day disabling or killing children in some harder to reach parts of the world. The good news is that we are now on the cusp of eradicating this terrible disease everywhere and forever. The Global Polio Eradication Initiative, a consortium of major players in the fight,...

Statins linked to lower risk for cardiovascular disease and death

A new study finds prescription statin drugs are effective in lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease and death, especially in older adults. NBC’s Dr. Tara Narula breaks down the findings on TODAY.

Mike Tyson Suffers Medical Emergency on Flight to Los Angeles

Two months before he’s set to fight Jake Paul, the famous boxer suffered a medical emergency while on a flight from Miami to Los Angeles. However, he’s now “doing great.”

Dietitians Share Their Top Tips for Losing Water Weight Safely and Quickly

Follow these easy tips to lose those extra pounds holding you down.

At 102 years old, I still help run my business: Here are my 3 daily practices for a happy and healthy life

At 102, Deborah Szekely still manages a business and goes out often. Here are some practices she credits for her longevity.

The Surprising Health Benefits of Cherries—and the Best Ones to Eat

Stock up on these fruits this summer.

I cared for my dad under ‘hospital at home’ in his final years. The program is missing one big piece

Family caregivers do much of the work, but they often receive little warning and no training. They need more support.

What's Your Social Security Break-Even Age? It Matters a Lot.

If you want to delay claiming your Social Security benefits until age 70, you won't come out ahead until you live beyond your break-even age.

8 Refreshing Foods That Naturally Cool the Body

These body cooling foods keep your hunger—and the heat!—at bay. The post 8 Refreshing Foods That Naturally Cool the Body appeared first on Taste of Home.