Scientists power sensors with sound waves, ditch batteries for energy

Instead of relying on materials to generate electricity, the researchers focused on the structure to tap into sound waves and generate energy.

Best Radar Detectors of 2024

What's the best radar detector? With dozens on the market, choosing one that lives up to its promises can be daunting. The Gear Team scrutinizes the details so you don't have to.

The Best Metal Detectors to Uncover Buried Treasure

Scanning parks and beaches with a metal detector can be a unique and fascinating hobby.

20 Cool Things People Found While Using Metal Detectors

The world is full of buried treasures and relics from the past. With the help of a little luck and a decent metal detector, You never know what you may discover.

Where to find metal scraps in Enshrouded

Find metal to make nails, better tools, and armor

Why Copperheads Have Heat-Sensing Detectors and How That Makes Them Such Feared Predators

They camouflage beautifully, lying in wait for the moment their prey comes close enough for them to strike. But it’s not just how fast they move or how venomous they are that keeps prey quaking in their figurative boots! Copperheads also have a unique ability to sense the most subtle changes in heat. Discover why copperheads have heat-sensing detectors and how that makes them such feared predators!

Medieval gilded 'strap-end' found by detectorist

"Strap-ends" were used to weigh down the ends of fabric belts but silver ones are unusual finds.

Scientists present diamond substrate coated with niobium carbide film for superconducting detectors

Diamonds are beautiful gemstones, which thanks to their shimmering sparkle and transparency look great in jewelry, but rough diamonds are much more interesting from a scientific point of view. The physical and chemical properties of diamond have made it a critical component for many devices in optics and electronics.

A microfluidic magnetic detection system for tumor-derived exosome analysis

In a study published on 7 November 2023 in the journal Microsystems & Nanoengineering, researchers from the Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Shanghai Tech University, have developed an innovative microfluidic magnetic detection system (μFMS) for analyzing tumor-derived exosomes (TDEs), potential biomarkers for cancer diagnosis. This groundbreaking system could greatly enhance the...

Illegal detectorists sought after castle damage

Police are appealing for information after the grounds of Berry Pomeroy Castle were damaged.

Stay Ahead of the Game with this Radar Detector

While we advocate for responsible driving, occasional speed limits may be exceeded by drivers. In such cases, a radar

Metal Detectorist Strikes Gold Unearthing Centuries-Old Coin

Polish resident Maciej Ruzik recently made a historic discovery at the site of the oldest Dominican monastery in northern Poland. Using a metal detector, he found a well-preserved golden ducat from the Netherlands, dating back to 1777.

These 8 Radar Detectors Are the Ticket to More Informed Driving

These electronic copilots can pick up incoming speed traps and red-light cameras, and that’s just the beginning.

What to Know About Smart Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smart carbon monoxide detectors can save your life. Here are some of their features, how they work and how much you can expect to spend for one.

Coins found by two metal detectorists sold at auction for more than £325,000

A hoard of 122 Anglo-Saxon pennies that was found by two metal detectorists has sold at auction for £325,560. It is thought the coins, discovered near Braintree in Essex, were buried in 1066, the year of the battle between English and Norman armies for the throne of England. An expert said there was a “tantalising possibility” that the reason they ...

Where To Find Moonstones In Moonstone Island

If you're struggling to find Moonstones in Moonstone Island, our guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Best Magnets for Magnet Fishing of 2023

Get into magnet fishing with these expert-approved starter kits

How Ancient Shipwrecks Help Scientists Search for Dark Matter

Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the ocean floor? Besides the colorful corals and exotic fish, there are also hidden treasures that can reveal the secrets of the universe. These treasures are not gold or jewels, but old pieces of metal that have been sitting in shipwrecks for centuries. These metal pieces are called […]

Clip of Metal Detectors Disarming Trump’s Guests at Mar-a-Lago Goes Viral

Mar-a-Lago is Trump’s personal gun free zone

More schools are installing AI-driven weapon detectors

November data from the U.S. Department of Education shows at least 14% of U.S. high schools, 7% of middle schools and 3% of elementary schools use metal detectors.

How To Use A Stud Finder

Hang pictures with confidence by finding the stud you’ve been looking for.

Revealed: Metals recovered from Pacific Ocean contain 'alien' elements

Harvard physicist Avi Loeb told that his new study shows fragments pulled from the Pacific Ocean are from outside of our solar system - and not coal and ash as critics have claimed.

Ultrasensitive molecular sensing with synthesize complex-frequency waves

Sensors are essential tools for detecting and analyzing trace molecules in a variety of fields, including environmental monitoring, food safety, and public health. However, developing sensors with high enough sensitivity to detect these tiny amounts of molecules remains a challenge.

EnviroMetal technologies makes process breakthrough

EnviroMetal Technologies (OTCQB:EVLLF) has announced a process breakthrough which potentially reduces reagent consumption and operating costs while maintaining high levels of gold recovery. This lab scale discovery is a result of the ongoing development of EnviroMetal's proprietary non-cyanide leaching agent and gold recovery process. EnviroMetal's...

Polish engineer's legacy: How enhanced mine detector turned tide of World War II

This device, later known as the Polish Mine Detector, ebbed from an unfortunate incident. During World War II, members of the Polish 10th Armored Cavalry Brigade who were executing surveillance duties along the Scottish coast, stumbled upon a minefield set by the English - a danger about which they had not been alerted. The devastating consequences...

Magnets, mating and metallic objects—cautionary tales from the MRI scanner

A 57-year-old woman from Wisconsin recently sustained a rather unfortunate injury to her buttock. She had attended the hospital for an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan and had entered the machine with a concealed firearm. The machine's powerful magnet caused the gun to discharge.

See Earth's Lithospheric Magnetic Field

The magnetized rocks of Earth's crust and mantle, also known as the upper lithosphere, accounts for generating 6 percent of the planets magnetic field. Data from the European Space Agency's Swarm satellites was used to create this high resolution map of the tiny magnetic signals. Red areas indicate positive magnetic field and blue area are negative. Credit: ESA

Police use drones to catch illegal treasure-hunters

Officers say holes have been dug at Gosbecks Archaeological Park, a protected site.

Metal detectors planned for some Broward County schools after successful Palm Beach rollout

Broward County’s high school students may have to walk through a new layer of security this fall. The Florida school district plans to install walk-through metal detectors at 10 yet-to-be-named high schools for the start of the 2024-25 school year, Superintendent Peter Licata said. But students needn’t worry about a stressful TSA-like experience where students have to remove every piece of ...

Researchers 3D print components for a portable mass spectrometer

Mass spectrometers, devices that identify chemical substances, are widely used in applications like crime scene analysis, toxicology testing, and geological surveying. But these machines are bulky, expensive, and easy to damage, which limits where they can be effectively deployed.

Iowa Events Center to expand use of metal detectors

Metal detectors will be in place at nearly all Iowa Events Center events in coming months, general manager Chris Connolly tells Axios. Why it matters: They've been used for years at Wells Fargo Arena's entrances as a screen for weapons— but other areas of the complex, like its convention center space where hundreds of thousands of people visit each year, have not had them. "It'll make us a lot more safe. It's a big deal," Connolly told Polk...

Discover the 10 Strongest Metals on Earth

Metal has a lustrous surface that shines brilliantly when light hits it. People mine these naturally occurring minerals deep within the Earth’s crust from mineral ores. Everyone knows metals like Aluminum, Iron, and Magnesium, but some lesser-known metals stand out because of their exceptional strength. Strength in metals doesn’t mean just being hard or tough; it includes properties like tensile strength, compressive strength, yield strength,...

Army detonates bomb found by metal detectorists

The Ministry of Defence confirm the 1kg German incendiary was "destroyed by explosive demolition".

Best Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Devices, Tested

To put these anti-theft devices to the test, we tried to steal our own catalytic converter.

SQUID: China reveals highly-sensitive submarine detector that's cheap

Scientists cut down from six costly sensors to one, enhancing precision remarkably.

Family 'might not have woken up' without detector

Dale Radley says his family owe their lives to a carbon monoxide detector.

Vacuum cleaner to sweep the ocean floor

The Collector, an enormous deep-sea vacuum cleaner, is a marvel of engineering and environmental innovation. Operating from the mother ship, Hidden Gem, this 90-ton behemoth is tasked with vacuuming rocks from the ocean floor. Its four nozzles and adaptive sensors allow it to cover a substantial area, making it significantly more efficient than conventional cleaners. What sets this operation apart is the rich treasure hidden within the seemingly ordinary rocks – essential minerals like nickel, cobalt, copper, and manganese, vital for electric car batteries, wind turbines, and solar panels. The Metals Company, the startup behind this ambitious project, aims to revolutionize resource extraction, harnessing the ocean's wealth while remaining committed to sustainability. The nodules The Collector collects are not just any rocks; they are polymetallic nodules, resembling jawbreaker candies when cut open. These unique sea objects have spent millions of years on the ocean floor, allowing thin layers of valuable materials to accumulate on their surfaces. They are primarily found in the Clarion Clipperton Zone, a massive region between Hawaii and Mexico. This deep-sea mining endeavor promises a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional land-based mining, notorious for destroying ecosystems and species. However, the venture is not without its challenges and ethical concerns. Deep-sea mining carries potential risks to the fragile marine ecosystem, which is already grappling with the impacts of rapid climate change. The largely unexplored underwater world is home to numerous undiscovered species and plays a critical role in the Earth's ecological balance. As we tread cautiously into this uncharted territory, it is imperative that extensive research and environmental safeguards be in place to minimize any adverse consequences and to ensure the responsible extraction of these valuable resources.

Dogs helping detect radiation in Ukraine war

Military dogs are wearing mobile detectors made by County Durham technology firm Kromek.

China is building the world's largest underwater telescope to hunt for elusive 'ghost particles'

China's forthcoming Tropical Deep-sea Neutrino Telescope (TRIDENT) will search for the origins of cosmic rays in momentary flashes of light beneath the ocean's surface.

New nanosensors make diagnostic procedures more sensitive

The Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS and Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, have developed a process that enables a new form of signal amplification for diagnostic tests. Through the advanced use of luminescent single walled carbon nanotubes in bioanalytics, test procedures can be carried out more sensitively, quickly and cheaply.

New study reveals cats inspire super-powerful chemical scanners

Cats are renowned for their sense of smell, and it is the primary way it identifies people and objects. The post New study reveals cats inspire super-powerful chemical scanners appeared first on Talker.

In search of muons: Why they switch sites in antiferromagnetic oxides

Muon spectroscopy is an important experimental technique that scientists use to study the magnetic properties of materials. It is based on "implanting" a spin-polarized muon in the crystal and measuring how its behavior is affected by the surroundings.

Radar Detector Prime Day Deals Are Unbeatable

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Digging for gold is more popular than ever - here's how to get started

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How to use a metal detector

Whether you need a metal detector to find property markers, or hidden treasure, knowing what makes them tick and how to use them is essential for beginners.

Additional radiation detectors installed at fisheries market over Fukushima radiation fears

radiation detector-Seoul city SEOUL, Jan. 29 (Yonhap) -- The Seoul city government said Monday it has installed two additional radiation detectors at the Garak agriculture and fisheries wholesale market in southern Seoul as part of efforts to allay public concerns over Japan's release of treated radioactive water into the ocean. The hyperpure germa...

Norwegian family finds 1,200-year-old Viking treasure while searching for a lost earring in their yard

The discovery includes two roughly 1,200-year-old brooches, made from bronze and once gilded with gold, that may have belonged to an aristocratic woman.

Researchers use spinning metasurfaces to craft compact thermal imaging system

Researchers have developed a new technology that uses meta-optical devices to perform thermal imaging. The approach provides richer information about imaged objects, which could broaden the use of thermal imaging in fields such as autonomous navigation, security, thermography, medical imaging and remote sensing.

Exploring Art Through Molten Metal

Explore art through using these molten metal hacks

How To Detect Apple AirTags With An Android Device

If you're an Android user and worried about the possibility of someone tracking you using Apple AirTags, there is a way to sniff them out and maintain privacy.